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Some of us are often unaware of the makeup mistakes we commit every day. Finding the right shades and brands of makeup that suit your face is a tough task. And once you have found the right products, you might still struggle to create that glam look and there might be situations when you would end up doing your biggest makeup blunder. Below are mentioned few makeup blunders that we often commit-

  • Applying makeup on dry face- Applying makeup on dry skin is one of the biggest makeup mistakes which can make the face look dull and cracked. So, always ensure that your face is properly hydrated before you apply makeup.
  • Incorrect blending procedure- The main key of applying makeup lies in the art of blending. If makeup isn’t blended well it can deteriorate the entire look. Invest your time in watching some good makeup tutorials and learn the art of blending makeup well!
  • Applying excessive foundation- Applying excessive layers of foundation can ruin the overall look and make the face more cracky and heavy. Always choose the right foundation shade that matches your skin tone and apply a generous amount that compliments the entire look.
  • Wrong Lip shade- A lipstick can make or break your look. Stick to colors that are natural and suit your skin tone. Avoid dark shades as they can look tacky. Choose the perfect lip shade that matches your makeup, skin tone and outfit too!
  • Overload of perfume application- One spray of perfume is all it takes to make you smell nice. Too much perfume, however, can cause allergies and headaches. A body mist is mild and is always a better option.
  • For most women, it takes a lot of time to ace appropriate makeup skills. Most of us often end up committing some highly common and also highly avoidable makeup blunders. So to ensure your makeup journey is all smooth, follow the above listed biggest makeup mistakes and try to avoid these makeup errors.

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