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In a city like Jodhpur, where the weather is hot and humid, you need some time for your hair and skincare too! But, are you restricting yourself to step outside due to the Covid-19 situation? Well, you do not need to worry about safety. You can find the best hair and skincare treatments in the best salons of Jodhpur, which are taking all the possible precautions.

Almost every locality in Jodhpur has salons providing many services from nail manicure to skin treatments. But only a few salons worry about customer’s safety and are taking steps to fulfill the requirements of their customers. Here are some of the top salons in Jodhpur, which are taking maximum precautions in the current situation.

  1. Magic Mirror Salon: The disease spreads mainly due to person to person contact. As salon services involve direct contact of the staff with the customer, the salon staff at the salon needs to wear the PPE kit that constitutes the mask, face shields, gloves, and suits that ensures maximum safety. Magic Mirror takes care of sanitizing the customer and checking the temperature at both the entry and exit points. Magic Mirror salon also suggests the best skin creams and skin care treatment for your daily schedule.
  1. Kalki Unisex Salon: Kalki salon takes care of the customer by using reusable fabrics as bed or sofa spreads in their waiting room as well as the service room. The staff wears masks and gloves to avoid direct contact with their customers. Two-three alcohol-based sanitizing machines have been fixed in the salon. Using the correct sanitizer is essential to avoid skin allergies.
  1. Highlight’s Unisex Salon: Highlights Salon is one of the best salons in Jodhpur, providing the best face and skincare. It is taking precautions against the current situation by restricting the entry of additional customers, cleaning its high contact surfaces after every service.
  1. Level Up Salon & Spa: Level up salon & spa, provides many pedicure and manicure services ensuring the safety of the customer by installing sanitization machines, temperature checking, and installing plexiglass at the counter to separate direct contact of the customer at the reception.
  1. Mehran Unisex Salon: The Mehran unisex salon offers many beauty services like skin facial, haircuts, pedicure, manicure, and many more. It is taking the best possible safety measures to avoid direct contact between the staff and the customers by using PPE kits, shoe covers, reusable spreads. The waiting area for this salon has been closed to avoid contact among customers.

Taking such precautions might lower the chance of catching the disease or coming in contact with any object or person directly. However, the customers should wear masks and gloves and avoid hour services to ensure maximum safety at their ends too.

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