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The pandemic times have always been challenging. Health deterioration has been a prime factor that has affected all in this tough situation. Naturally, we all tend to focus on our immunity boosting and respiratory health and in this we compromise looking over the health of our skin. But we have got you covered!

Below are listed 5 essential skin care tips that you all should follow to protect your skin and keep it smooth and healthy in such covid times.

  • Protect yourself from maskne- Protect yourself from maskne- Acne caused by wearing masks for a longer duration of time. Excessive humidity within the mask can cause acne and clogged pores. The heat and humidity also becomes the prime reason for irritation. Therefore it is suggested to wear cotton masks which are lightweight and provide ease of breathing. Wash your masks at regular intervals and maintain proper oral hygiene as well.
  • Adopt a regular skin care routine- Cleanse and moisturize your face before and after applying a mask. Use gentle creams and face ointments that soothes the skin. Do not sleep without removing the makeup. Use herbal moisturizers that match with your skin quality and skin tone and maintain a proper skin care routine for both day and night.
  • Be gentle on your hands– Use cool or lukewarm water with soap to wash your hands. Excessive hot water is not much protective against germs and dirt and may  even lead to skin damage. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol content and chemicals which can be harmful for hands if used in excessive amounts. So, try to be gentle on your hands.
  • Moisturizing is the key!- After washing your hands, gently rinse and pat them dry. Right after, apply plenty of moisturizer. Use a moisturizer that’s more organic  and free of fragrances to avoid irritation on your skin. Keep a moisturizer handy for wherever you go. Moisturize to maintain the softness of your hands.
  • Focus on your overall health- Focusing on your holistic wellness will help the skin to stay soft and healthy. It includes eating a balanced diet, taking necessary vitamins and minerals supplements, maintaining a good sleeping routine, doing exercising and yoga, and using the right skincare products. All of this together will help to enhance the quality of your skin type.

It’s that time of the year when the most precautions taken will only help us in long run. Covid times can be won over by never giving up on washing hands and wearing masks. Maintaining all the critical prevention measures against COVID-19 is the key. And therefore it becomes necessary to take care of our skin as well. Do follow these essential tips and say hello to smooth and healthy skin. Book your online salon appointment through Phootra app and let your skin glow and shine. Healthy skin is just a click away!

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