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Hair is considered to be one of the precious assets of women. Every woman craves healthy, super shiny and smooth hair. However, growing healthy hair and maintaining it is the toughest task.

Despite trying everything, issues like heavy hair fall, too frizzy or dry hair, split ends, hair thinning etc never leaves us.The reason is the inappropriate process of caring for your hair that ultimately damages your hair rather than nourishing it. So, you need to know how to care for your hair in the right manner. Here are listed few common hair care mistakes we often do unknowingly-

  • Washing Hair Too Often Or Not Often Enough- Improper hair wash schedule can make your hair damp and frizzy. Washing them too often or with longer breaks can affect the texture and volume of your hair.
  • Not Using The Right Shampoo- Using shampoos with artificial fragrances or heavy chemicals can badly affect your hair health and make them extremely fragile leading to incessant hair fall. Always prefer natural shampoos that are mild and soft for your hair.
  • Regularly Wearing Tight Hairstyles- Hairstyling is a fun art and trying different hair do’s is greatly appreciated. But often we tend to wear tight hairstyles by excessive usage of hairpins or hair accessories that weakens the roots and in turn damages hair growth.
  • Lack of Deep Conditioning- Deep conditioning is hair’s best friend. The vital nutrition that the hair roots receive by conditioning is very important for hair growth. If you miss the deep conditioning of your hair, it will ultimately lead to hair problems.
  • Putting Conditioner On the Roots- Applying conditioner on the roots can severely damage hair texture and growth. Conditioners are only used to maintain softness of the lower parts of the hair.
  • Washing Hair In Hot Water- Washing hair in hot water is the most common mistake committed that leads to hair thinning and hair fall. Always prefer to use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

These common hair care mistakes lead to severe hair health and growth problems. Using mild hair products, opting for fairly simple hairstyles and taking good care of diet can be extremely beneficial in maintaining silky and voluminous hair. Avoid these hair care mistakes and say hello to luscious hair!

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