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This Valentine’s Day 2023, we’re in the mood to embrace all the fun, beautiful, flirtatious feelings, and that surely means going all out with our makeup looks. It may be the abundance of romance in the air, or it could simply be that we love our heart-shaped chocolate and rom-coms so much.

There are countless options to impress on Valentine’s Day, from timeless red lips that are always in style to luminous skin and barely there makeup and, of course, smokey eyeshadow styles with loads of sparkle. And regardless of whether you’re planning a romantic evening with your significant other, a night out with friends, or just some well-earned “me time,” you can still spoil yourself with a Valentine’s Day makeup look that will steal hearts and, most importantly, make you drool.

If you don’t like bright colours and glittery eyelashes, you might want to try the natural glam look. This style is perfect if you want to stay in and cuddle up at home with dinner and a movie date. For Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to go overboard when you can go naked and subtle with your foundation and concealer and fill your lips with a naked glossy finish.

Allow your eyes to speak.

Make your eyes stand out with colourful shadows and let them speak for themselves. To draw attention to the shape, use a liner. Try the classic smoky look to give your eyes more dimension. Keep your makeup natural and minimal. To finish your look, use a striking lip colour. If smokey eyes seem a little too monotonous, try playing with different coloured shadow shimmers, such as blue, green, deep pink, etc.

Matte Soft Glam Look

You might want to think about using mattifying makeup products if you have oily skin and like a velvety feel. After properly prepping your skin, apply the matte foundation that best matches your skin tone. Concealer and a matte bronzer can be used to finish the look and achieve that sun-kissed soft glam appearance. Add a rich matte finish lipstick to complete your look.

Display fuchsia or hot pink lips.

Like red, fuchsia lip color never actually goes out of style. Fuschia lipstick offers a wonderful look for a Valentine’s Day date because it gives off a stronger appearance. Apply a soft eyeshadow in the same color to finish the look. Get rosy and passionate for Valentine’s Day celebration by blushing and highlighting your cheeks with a pinkish tint. 

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