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Your hair occasionally needs a boost, just like your priceless skin. Yes, we are referring to the hair mask, the pinnacle of hair care. Your ordinarily gorgeous hair can become dry, knotted, dull, and even break due to environmental factors and everyday life occurrences. Eeek! Breathe in deeply. We’ve got you.

Similar to face masking, we’re only here to mix and mask when it comes to hair masking. Depending on your disposition and the condition of your hair that day, you can select the perfect hair mask.

To begin with, what exactly is a hair mask? No need to worry if you are unfamiliar with hair masks. You have probably used or at least heard of a face mask. A hair mask is a treatment you put on your hair to enhance its condition and health, similar to a face mask. Deep conditioning treatments or intensive hair conditioners are other names for hair masks. In essence, hair masks are conditioners that are highly concentrated and applied for a long time, typically between 20 minutes and overnight. Hair masks are very hydrating and work from the root to the tip of your hair to restore damage.

Let’s begin with the things to avoid. It is advisable to choose hair care products with natural ingredients. It seems paradoxical to use a hazardous chemical-filled hair mask to get lustrous, healthy hair. At Prose, we’ve always been passionate about eliminating dangerous substances and developing personalized hair care that is as special as you.

Hair masks best work with frizzy hair, dry and dull hair and hair with dandruff.

Indian women have used hair oiling as part of their traditional hair care routine for generations. It has also been used as a treatment for a very long time. The second most important component of a hair regimen is hair grooming products, however they are largely ineffective without consistent hair oiling. Hair oils will keep your hair appearing bright, healthy, and strong while preventing hair from drying out and breaking.

It doesn’t get much better than hair oil when it comes to daily hair restoration. Hair oil can be used to damp or dry tresses to lock in moisture, treat split ends, and provide a healthy dose of shine. It is ideal for daily usage.Use a hair oil daily and a hair mask once a week to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated throughout the winter. It’s an effective hair care routine!

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