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Halloween is the one occasion of the year when putting things off is acceptable. Since a well-stocked makeup bag always has your back (well, face) at the eleventh hour, you may absolutely go to Party City or Spirit Halloween weeks in advance to purchase a full-body Halloween costume. Really, seriously, all you need to create a terrifying, adorable, or never-before-seen costume is a nice, straightforward Halloween eye makeup lesson, a reliable black eyeliner, and a steady hand.

This adorable Halloween makeup look will have you looking divine at your next theme party. It features soft, innocent eyes, bright skin, and a gorgeous pink pout.Use some delicate pink eyeshadow to define your eyelids after priming them with a primer or concealer. To instantly resemble a cherub in youth, apply white sparkly makeup to the inner corners of your eyes.

To lengthen your eyes, line them with a brown eyeliner and give them the slightest flick with liquid eyeliner. Create and define your brows, then use a curling mascara to give your lashes a wispy, fluttery appearance to complete your eye makeup.

Apply gobs of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose to give your complexion a healthy-looking flush. 

Additionally, you can add a tiny bit of color to your chin and temples to give this simple Halloween makeup a sun-kissed appearance. When it comes to highlighters, you can never have too many for this straightforward Halloween look.

You can add a few drops of liquid highlighter to your foundation to make it look even more dewy, or you can highlight your skin with some cream highlighter.

Add a light pink lip color to round off your angelic Halloween look. Find a color that brings out your lips’ natural color. To finish it off and keep your lip makeup appearing youthful, hydrated, and natural, use a tinted lip balm.

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