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Maintaining healthy hair is essential. But many people are experiencing frequent hair loss these days. Continuous levels of stress, unhealthy diet, busy routine, genetic disorders, and habits like smoking, excessive air pollution, have increased the rate of hair fall in more than one-third of the population. Thinning of hair is also the main concern these days. Below are some tips and home remedies to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss. These remedies have been proven useful for treating dandruff and hair fall.

  1. Massaging your hair often-
    Taking about 15 to 20 minutes to rub your scalp softly at night will not only prevent hair loss but also encourage the growth of your hair. Regularly massaging your hair from the forehead to the nape and repeating the same procedure will stimulate your blood circulation and will help you have shiny and healthy hair. The results might be slow, but never forget that patience is the only key to having long-lasting healthy hair.
  2. Practicing Asanas-
    Practicing forward being asanas that help enhance the blood flow in the body from the head region to the toe. The downward dog poses and standing forward bending asanas are recommended and proven to be the best practices for best results. Experimenting with various hair care products might pose a risk to your hair, especially for people, who are unaware of their hair type. Practices like these promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  3. Regular hair washing-
    Washing your hair with good and a mild hair care shampoo at regular intervals is the best and safest way to reduce hair fall. It keeps the scalp clean and lowers the chances of adhering to dandruff or bacteria which are the root causes of hair loss.
  4. Messaging with best quality hair care oils-
    Using the best hair care oil for massaging your scalp gives the best results as oiling your hair thrice a week increases the tensile strength and helps prevent breakage. Regularly massaging your hair with hair care oils for a few minutes will nourish your hair by providing an adequate amount of nutrients. Almond and sesame oils are the best for dry hair.
  5. Hair care treatments-
    Many Hair care treatments in the best salons in Jodhpur are available with many hair spas offers. In the current situation, many home services salons are available. If you are too occupied with your work, getting a hair spa in the best salons in Jodhpur is suggested as it helps fight hair fall issues also.

Adapting to some of the above measures will help you improve the quality of hair by making them strong, shiny, and healthy that will eventually prevent hair loss.

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