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Rica Lemon Wax

1,250, Luxe ₹875.00 , Elite ₹1,000.00


The Rica Lemon Wax is probably the most competent Rica wax online that paints a perfect picture of intuitiveness and functionality. While this cream is an efficient
courtesy of the antiseptic healing properties it contains a host of purifying properties that are second to none. Moreover the natural lemon essence included within
also plays a major role in skincare and rapid recovery. What needs to be understood is that the depilation after-effects are minimized if this product is used on a regular
basis. Most importantly this is one chemical-free composition perfectly suitable for normal skin surfaces.
Benefits of Using Rica Lemon Wax
Doesn’t irritate the skin even a tad bit
Amplifies skin recovery
De-stresses the surfaces with ease
Makes way for a painless skin removal process
For Body Use Only not recommended for Face Under Arms and Bikini Areas.


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