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Rica Dark Chocolate Wax

1,250, Luxe ₹875.00 , Elite ₹1,000.00


If you are interested in Rica wax buy online or even offline from credible stores. However you wouldn’t regret your decision as this is one skin-friendly wax that boasts
of exceptional aroma and a host of skin detoxifying capabilities. The most important attribute of the same is the glowing outcome that is further amplified by the
extensive hydrating and nourishing perks on offer. It is a known fact that the skin experiences a certain amount of stress when the waxing takes place but this is one of
the few wax crehttp://prelive.buyume.io/crm/productprofile/60cc9 06ee2 6c4c26946c4d6a/ams that have the ability to de-stress the surface without causing any sort
of irritation.
Benefits of Using Rica Dark Chocolate Wax
Exclusive hair removal wax that smells good
Quick hair removal qualities
skin friendly formula
Protects the skin against the UV exposure
For Body Use Only not recommended for Face Under Arms and Bikini Areas.


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