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Rica Green Apple wax

1,250, Luxe ₹875.00 , Elite ₹1,000.00


Rica Green Apple Wax is a strip-wax which Delight your senses with crisp clean fragrance combined with the soft smooth after-feel leaving a long lasting
impression. More over the hair removal process is quite seamless and this wax is the perfect choice for sensitive skin surfaces.
Green Apple – Its fragrance crisply cleans the mind and renews the spirit.
Glyceryl Rosinate -It is the purest derivative of natural rosin responsible of wax adhesion.
Natural Beeswax-It is rich in mineral salts and protein and delivers nutrition and hydration.
Vegetable Oil- A Patented formula that nourishes and hydrates the skin.
Zinc Oxide – It conditions soothes and heals the skin.
Benefits of Using Rica Green Apple Wax
Offers a crisp and long-lasting scent that’s second to none
Renders smoothness to the skin surface while aiding in suppleness
Perfect choice for the sensitive skin
For Body Use Only not recommended for Face Under Arms and Bikini Areas
Superior Tan Removal


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