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Rica Cotton Milk Pre – Epil Gel

743, Luxe ₹693.00 , Elite ₹792.00


Cotton Milk Pre-epil Gel is¢ enriched with soothing extracts of Marigold and Cotton Milk. It is for someone interested in drying the skin surface before epilation
the Rica Cotton Milk Pre-Epil Gel comes across as a great product. Firstly the gel if and when applied cleanses the skin surface in the best possible manner. Most
importantly the hair roots are softened upon using this product which eventually makes sure that the wax performs at its fullest capacity. What stands out is the
antibacterial properties on offer making sure that the nourishing elements are absorbed into the skin surface almost immediately. That said prolonged usage of this
product readily speeds up the hair removal prOcess.
Benefits of Using Rica Cotton Milk Pre- Epil Gel
Easy to use and apply
Renders the skin smooth and dry for better epilation
Assists in optimal wax adhesion


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