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Rica Brazilian Wax Beads

1,425, Luxe ₹1,330.00 , Elite ₹1,520.00


Rica Brazilian Beads Wax contains AvOcado Butter which provides nourishment that is extremely soft on the skin. Rica Beads Wax are Soft Gentle but Strong and
Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
It is used in thin layers compared to traditional hard wax and works at low temperatures. The wax hardens after application once its cooled thus allowing easy removal
with fingers. No cloth or paper is required.
All Rica products are made with a natural formula gentle and nourishing to the skin with superior hair-gripping strength.
Rica has a Patented Formula that is free from all petroleum derivatives.
Benefits of Brazilian Beads Wax
Non-Strip Unisex Wax Formula
Ideal for Sensitive skin such as Face Underarms and Bikini area.
No Intimate Waxing
Not tested on animals
For Facial Waxing
Fast Setting Time
Good for Menopausal Skin


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