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Rica Golden After Wax Lotion

1,050, Luxe ₹735.00 , Elite ₹840.00


The Rica Golden After Wax Lotion is an effective skincare product that is capable of removing any form of residual wax from the skin surface with substantial ease.
Besides moisturizing the stressed skin surface this after wax lotion also renders a hint of smoothness to the same. In addition to that this product is extremely easy
to absorb. What stands out is the sophisticate d shimmer that is rendered courtesy of the prolonged usage of the Rica Golden After Wax Lotion. Last but not least this
after wax solution comes equipped with nourishing and antioxidant properties followed by the ability to remove residual elements with significant ease.
Benefits of Using Rica Golden After Wax Lotion
Removes skin residues
Renders a significant shine to the skin surface
Boasts of nourishing and antioxidant properties


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