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Rica Aloe Vera Wax

1,250, Luxe ₹875.00 , Elite ₹1,000.00


The Rica Aloe Vera Wax is the perfect skin ally during the depilation process. Firstly this product renders adequate levels of nourishment to the skin surface besides
protecting the same from any kind of irritation that happens during the waxing process. The host of nutritive elements is further amplified in effect with the inclusion
of aloe vera as the underlining ingredient. Moreover skin hydration is also exceptional once the Rica Aloe Vera Wax is used on a periodic basis. Last but not least this
wax melts quite easily and makes way for a painless hair removal process.
Benefits of Using Rica Aloe vera Wax
Doesn’t require any kind of threading
Sticks exceptionally well to the skin surface
Here is one wax that’s priced nominally
Spreads almost evenly throughout the skin surface


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