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Rica Pearl After Wax Lotion

1,050, Luxe ₹735.00 , Elite ₹840.00


If you are planning to buy hair wax from credible sources the Rica Pearl After Wax Lotion seems like the perfect ally. While this product is a decent skincare solution
that is packed with a host of pearl glitters and adequate levels of Vitamin E what steals the show is the inclusion of sunflower oil. It needs to be ascertained that the
dry oil like lotion is known for the shimmering effects on display followed by the capability to remove any kind of residual wax with precision. More over the likes of
jojoba oil render a fruity sensation to the skin surface followed by the inclusion of sweet almond oil which is best known for the emollient action on display.
Benefits of Using Rica Pearl After Wax Lotion
Includes vitamin E that boasts of antioxidant properties
Features ample quantities of sunflower oil that offers nourishing properties
Also includes pearl glitters that make the skin soft and reflective


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