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Rica White Chocolate Refill Wax

310, Luxe ₹217.00 , Elite ₹248.00


If you are looking for a creamy Rica wax buy online and that too from credible stores only. The Rica White Chocolate Refill Wax is an exceptional choice for someone
looking to buy hair wax and that too without exceeding the budget. This product comes forth with the concoction of essential oils with the famous South American
theobroma cacao. The mixture however paves way for increased therapeutic attributes and skin energizing abilities. What stands out is the skin revitalizing capability
that is second to none. Moreover the process of wax application is extremely simple. However the creamier consistency needs to be handled with the utmost care and
Benefits of Using Rica White Chocolate Refill Wax
Exclusive chemical formula that energizes the stressed skin
Perfect fit for prolonged usage
Exceptional and out of the world aroma
For Body Use Only not recommended for Face Under Arms and Bikini Areas.


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