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Ikonice Hair Straightener & Trimmer PRO TITANIUM SHINE

4,900, Luxe ₹4,900.00 , Elite ₹5,600.00

“ADVANCED TITANIUM HEAT TECHNOLOGY: Using cutting-edge floating titanium plates, get long-lasting, glossy, smooth, and shining tresses. DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Heating up to 235 degrees, you can adjust the heat based on hair texture.
OVERHEAT PROTECTION: It enables the device to power off automatically in the event of overheating. HEAT RESISTANT POUCH: The pouch stops the half heated brush from transferring heat to the other items in your bag.
AUTO ADJUSTABLE FLOATING PLATES: To give effortless glide styling without gaps or pulls, automatic adjustable floating plates are used.
ENHANCES SHINE: This iron improves moisture and shine to your ends and leaves strands looking healthier and sleeker.
ULTRA-FAST AND HEATS UP WITH INSTANT RECOVERY: This hair straightener works without yanking your hair and heats up quickly.CONSTANT HEAT PERFORMANCE: Professional PTC and Dual Ceramic Heaters for immediate heat up and rapid heat recovery.”


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