Ikonice Hair Straightener & Trimmer S3+CERAMIC - Phootra

Ikonice Hair Straightener & Trimmer S3+CERAMIC

3,255, Luxe ₹3,255.00 , Elite ₹3,720.00

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Heating up to 235 degrees, you can adjust the heat based on hair texture. TOURMALINE CERAMIC PLATES- The plates enable smooth pulling motion without breaking or damaging to hair.
PROFESSIONAL SWIVEL ROTATIONAL CORD: A heat-safe cord with 360-degree swivel that makes it easy to manoeuvre while styling.
INSTANT HEAT-UP: This hair straightener works without yanking your hair and heats up quickly. NEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY: Tightens the cuticle and eliminates static charges for lustrous, smooth, and free of curls finish.
FLOATING PLATES: Floating plates that work beautifully on all hair types without creating breakage or split ends.
COMFORTABLE GRIP- Enough comfort for a secure grip without heat transfer through the handle.


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