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Biosoft Roll On Wax Refill-Pearl Cream

170, Luxe ₹140.00 , Elite ₹160.00


biosofts pearl cre?me roll-on wax cartridge is a premium waxing product that provides for painless and trouble-free waxing. the roll-on cartridge contains the pearl cre?me liposoluble that is an excellent waxing product containing essential oils that can work wonders for oily skin. it helps to balance sebum production and also reduces the appearance of pores. it has a smooth texture, ensuring a comfortable and soothing epilation leaving the skin supple and silky.

biosoft�s pearl cre?me roll-on wax contains lemongrass oil which purifies and detoxifies the skin and leaves it feeling clean and fresh. it has antioxidant properties that help to neutralize free radicals which can be harmful to your skin. this product helps repair and nourish the skin leaving it hydrated and shiny.

to painlessly and hygienically remove hair from both large and small areas of the body, biosoft has introduced a unique solution in the form of wax cartridges. our wide range of roll-on wax cartridges is blended with more than 90% natural ingredients. they are dermatologically tested and are colophony and allergen free. they are made in italy. the roll-on waxes are the most hygienic one time use solution to waxing. it is formulated with natural rosins and extracts. it removes hair quickly and easily and is suitable for sensitive skin types.


enriched with essential oils

easy to use.

hygienic and hassle-free.

suitable for all skin types.

100% colophony free.

painless depilation.

emits a pleasant fragrance.

non-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

repairs skin damages.

superfine texture.

no risk of skin burning due to hot wax.

presence of skin conditioning agents.

treats dry skin.

ingredients: glyceryl rosinate, mineral oil, titanium dioxide, mica, litsea cubeba fruit oil, cymbopogan citratus leaf oil, cymbopogan nardus (citronella) oil, fragrance, citral, limonene, solvent yellow 33.


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