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Biosoft Liposoluble Aloevera Cream Wax

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biosoft’s aloe vera creame liposoluble wax is embellished with natural aloe vera. aloe vera has cooling properties and is anti-inflammatory, hence it is one of the
natural ingredients used to treat skin. it helps to moisturize the skin and has healing properties. aloe vera has vitamins c and e, in abundance and there fore has anti-
aging properties. it also contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which help to lessen skin blemishes and reduce age lines. it also helps to increase the
production of collagen in the body and increase skin elasticity.
along with repairing and moisturizing your skin during and after the waxing session, aloe vera also contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help repair
damaged skin cells leaving you with lustrous and radiant skin. it not only helps to remove the unwanted hair but also gives you smoothened and moisturized skin. our
range of liposoluble waxes provides for a luxurious and comfortable waxing experience. a liposoluble wax is far less sticky as it has a cream consistency that is thicker
than the honey waxes that makes the removal of hair painless. it is a cre?me wax which is a well-known form of soft wax that melts ata lower temperature and hence
reducing the chances of skin burns with hot wax. it is liposoluble, thus making it colophony-free and hence wont lead to any irritation which generally occurs in
normal waxing. the liposoluble wax depilates in one go, making it suitable even for extensively sensitive skin.
this product contains glyceryl rosinate: this ingredient is a monoester of glycerin and mixed long-chain acids derived from rosin. it functions as a skin-conditioning agent,
surfactant, emulsifier and provides for a painless hair removal process. mineral oil: mineral oil moisturizes the skin and keeps moisture from escaping. it has positive
effects on dry skin and helps maintain soft and healthy skin. titanium dioxide: this ingredient is a mineral used as a thickening, whitening, lubricating, and sunscreen
ingredient. it protects the skin from uva and uvb radiation and is considered of no risk to sensitive skin as it is gentle and easy on redness-prone skin. mica: mica is the
name given to a group of silicate minerals that are ground down into a sparkling powder for use in cosmetics, causing it to be referred to asnatures glitter. mica
leaves a shine on your skin after waxing. aloe barbadensis (leaf) extract: it is a natural moisturizer and can help soothe the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
caprylic capric triglyceride: it is usually made up of coconut oil and glycerine. it helps to smoothen skin and also works as an antioxidant. solvent green 3: it is used as a
colorant. benefits:
contains aloe vera extracts
100% natural.
exfoliates skin
hydrates your skin.
painless epilation
makes the skin glow.
repairs the skin
100% colophony free.
suitable for all skin types.


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