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Raaga professional pro botanix anti dandruff shampoo

350 - 950, Luxe ₹245.00 , Elite ₹280.00


Raaga Professional Pro Botanix Anti-Dandruff Shampoo enriched with tea tree oil readily helps in reducing scalp irritation and infections by clearing DX out and unblocking follicles thus eliminating dandruff. Specifically formulated to treat and prevent dandruff this shampoo moisturises and nourishes hair by keeping it hydrated, clearing excess sebum on the scalp, fighting dandruff causing bacteria, soothing scalp and strengthening hair. It keeps the scalp well nourished without causing dryness which is the major reason that causes dandruff. Achieve flawless, soft, manageable and dandruff free hair with the regular use of this anti-dandruff shampoo.


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