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Lotus Professionals Hydravitals Oatmeal Active Scrub Cream

725, Luxe ₹507.00 , Elite ₹580.00


Give your skin a clearer brighter and translucent look by using this hydravitals oatmeal active scrub cream of professional. it is the perfect scrub for everyday use as it gives you a clean and clear skin than ever
The scrub cream maintains the moisture balance within the skin and facilitates water flow that keeps the skin hydrated for a long time. It soothes and calms your skin and ensures optimum comfort to your skin
Enriched with hydravitals oatmeal this cream serves excellent in preventing premature aging. Oats have exclusive skin benefits that serves effective in the treatment of acne and provide skin lightening effects on your skin. It effectively improves the skin tone and texture and smoothes out spots areas on your face and gives a shine to your face
It acts as a natural cleanser for removing dirt and impurities along with dead and damaged cells from your face. It effectively promotes rejuvenation to your skin as it paves the way for the underlying cells to reach the surface
This active scrub cream from professional greatly benefits all types of skin and is available in a pack of 260gms. Make your skin beautiful and look shining by using this scrub cream from professional


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