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Lotus Diamond Facial Kit

1,205, Luxe ₹843.00 , Elite ₹964.00


ENRICHED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS:- Lotus Radinat Diamond Facial kit is enriched with diamond dust and cinnamon for giving instant radiance. Diamond dust works on giving even toned and youthful looking skin tone. Cinnamon decreases pigmentation and reduces signs of ageing.
REJUVINATES SKIN:- Radinat Diamond facial kit Exfoliates skin, giving bright and illumanating skin form within. With its anti oxidant and anti inflamatory properties, it helps rejuvinate the skin and gives bright looking skin.
DEEP CELL ACTIVATION SYSTEM:- Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Deep-Cell Activation System Cellular Radiance Facial Kit is the combination of organic and natural items which rejuvenates the skin with cellular regeneration with deep cell activation system.
EVEN TONED COMPLEXION:- This facial kit nourishes the skin and stimulates collagen production which fights dullness and fades belmishes giving even toned, youthful complexion.
4 STEPS TO An INSTANT GLOW:- With Lotus Radiantt Diamond facial kit, a radiant glow is just 4 steps away. The kit consists of a diamond exfoliating cleanser, diamond activator, diamond massage creme and diamond mask all of which work to provide younger looking, glowing skin.


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