Ikonice Scissors Thinning IK-J30 5.5 INCH - Phootra

Ikonice Scissors Thinning IK-J30 5.5 INCH

950, Luxe ₹665.00 , Elite ₹760.00

Material: Stainless steel, Steel type: Silver black screws, Color: Silver ,Shape: Curved handle, cutting scissor with 30 teeths, Function: For Precise text ring and thinning ideal for men and women both
Material: Stainless steel- Known to be more rigid, resulting in a significantly sharper blade
Steel type: Silver black screws- The fine-adjustment silver black tension screw gives you more control
Color: Silver- Silver color gives this scissor a luxurious and elegant look
Shape: Curved handle- This handle features a curved grip and is one of the most comfortable designs Cutting scissor with 30 teeth- With a moderate thinning rate of 20-25% (30 teeth on the blade), you can effortlessly add layers and texturize hair to create the perfect style.


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