Ikonice Essentials Dusting Brush - Phootra

Ikonice Essentials Dusting Brush

600, Luxe ₹420.00 , Elite ₹480.00

This hairbrush is a perfect accessory for all barbers & hair stylists. With a unique fan design, it is great as it uses the best quality soft bristles which removes away those unwanted loose hair from your clothing and skin. It is quite lightweight and the base is heavier, so it’s easier to hold and use. Getting this professional neck dusting brush, also, assures a soft touch to your customers due to its soft bristles.
• For dusting away loose hair after a haircut trim or shave.
• Fan design is great for dusting around the ears, neck line and shoulders.
• Easy to hold with comfortable ergonomic design.
• It is a perfect and must-have accessory for a barber and hairdressers.
• It is lightweight and convenient to use.


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