Ikonice Brushes Blow Dry Ceramic Brush Set (6 PC) - Phootra

Ikonice Brushes Blow Dry Ceramic Brush Set (6 PC)

2,975, Luxe ₹2,975.00 , Elite ₹3,400.00

Ionic and ceramic infused bristles. Smooths frizz and flyaway, ionic technology breaks down water molecules for fast drying.
Rotates smoothly and grips comfortable, vent design on the handle lighter the handle weight, rubber coating create a soft-touching, anti-slipping. Bristle change color when heated to the ideal blow-dry temperature. High heat resisted bristles
Tourmaline X ceramic coating technology on barrel. Ergonomic handle design with rubber coating
Emit negative ions, create shiny, silky hair. Heats up fast, holds heat longer and distributes heat evenly. Melting point up to 510 degree f ( 270 degree c)


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