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Cheryls Oxyderm Gold Bleach Kit

710, Luxe ₹497.00 , Elite ₹568.00


This one time use & handy ClariGlow Facial Kit gives instant Fairness, & Glow which makes the skin lighter and radiant by eliminating dead skin cells, Spots & dryness
while reduces existing sebum to give the skin a lighter appearance. It enhances skin’s smoothness, rejuvenates skin, nourishes skin; tighten the skin instantly & giving
radiant look. This One time use professional ClariGlow facial kit includes 6 sachets which includes ClariWash, ClariBuff, ClariGel, ClariSoothe, ClariMask and ClariTone.
The first step of ClariGlow facial kit includes ClariWash which clears excesive sebum oil from the skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells that prevent the accumulation of pore
clogging impurities. Second step is Cheryl’s ClariBuff it contains Oats extracts that acts as an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agent. Third step is ClariGel it contains
Biosulphur fluid that acts as soothing agent that softens Blacheads, whiteheads and comedones. Fourth step is ClariSoothe contains Urea that hydrates & softens
the skin. Fifth is ClariMask contains confrey Root extracts that improve skin tone. It provides complete UV protection and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has
salicylic acid and Tea Tree oil. At Last,the skin freshner ClariTone contains Zinc PCA that regulates sebum production.


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