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Cheryls Cosmeceuticals Dermashade Spf 30 Spray

615, Luxe ₹430.00 , Elite ₹492.00


DermaShade SPF 30 Suncreen Spray
Sun rays cause skin to burn and premature ageing. DarmaShade SPF 30 sunscreen spray provides the ultimate protection to the skin by blocking the sun rays. It acts
like a mirror on your skin reflecting the rays away from it. DarmaShade SPF 30 spray is a sun protection spray for the face thats lightweight and shine free. On
application, this sunscreen adds an invisible layer of prote ction on the skin. It prote cts you from the sun for 7 to 12 hours at a stretch. It¢s a sunscreen for men as well.
After cleansing, toning and moisturizing, apply sunblock a few minutes prior to sun exposure. Shake well before use.


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