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Biosoft Wax Strips Roll (100 Mtrs)

600, Luxe ₹420.00 , Elite ₹480.00


biosofts wax strip roll is 100 meters long. the wax strips possess the durability of a non-woven strip and the comfort of cotton to ensure pleasant and efficient
results. it is well known that the waxing supplies will help you to get the best results and make the joba lot easier, biosofts wax strips are the best supplies that are a
must-have to ensure a professional and comfortable waxing experience. to use waxes, you need good quality wax strips to place over the wax and help you remove it.
these strips are made of non-wove n material that ensures the wax strip will adhere firmly and wont tear when pulled off from the skin. it can be used on both sides,
so you save a lot of time by not having to check for the right side to be used. these superior non-woven waxing strips have excellent adhesion qualities that ensure
professional hair removal results. they are strong & flexible, and ideal for facial & complete body waxing.
disposable strips.
thick and durable. tear-free suitable for all skin types.
easy to use.
suitable for complete body waxing.
suitable to wax facial hair.
both sides of the strip can be used.
the durability of the non-woven strip.
sticks quickly to the wax.


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