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Biosoft Peach Paraffin Wax

500, Luxe ₹350.00 , Elite ₹400.00


a range with benefits such as skin healing, conditioning and nourishment, the all-new paraffin waxes from biosoft lets you rejuvenate in serenity while it works towards
reviving your skin. take your pick from aloe vera, shea butter and peach and experience a full body therapeutic spa treatment unlike any other.
peach: enriched with vitamin c, biosoft’s peach paraffin wax helps improve skin texture, restores skin collagen and effectively conditions and tones dry rough skin.
premium quality paraffin wax with excellent melting characteristic.
enriched with vitamin c and goodness of peach.
moisturiser, tones and nourishes dry rough skin.
it has skin healing properties and reduces inflammation.
easy to use, hassle free and pulls easily.
ingredients: paraffin, paraffinum liquidum, aloe barbadensis extract, parfum, caprylic/capric triglyceride, paraffin, mineral oil, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, aloe
barbadensis leaf extract, fragrance, caprylic/capric triglyceride, green 6, cera solida con paraffina, oil di paraffina, estratto delle foglie dell’aloe, aloe barbadensis,
liliaceae, profumo, triglicerridi, misti decanoil e ottanoil, c.i. 61565


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