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Asta Berry Ikin Wine Bleach For Extra glow

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Astaberry Ikin wine bleach resolves all of your skin issues at once. Get a fairer complexion and say goodbye to a dull appearance. Whether it is a casual day or a special one, this face bleach cream will make you sparkle and will get you ready for every occasion in a few minutes. The wine bleach can do it all, from removing acne scars to providing an even skin tone, making it the best face bleach cream in India. Be assured of the product as it does not contain any harmful ingredients that may damage your skin. Moreover, the bleach hides the unwanted hair on your face so you do not have to undergo the pain of waxing.

Dull appearance
Old appearance
Hides unwanted hair

Resolves all of your skin issues at once

Creme : Aqua | Hydrogen Peroxide | Cetyl Alcohol | Light Liquid Paraffin | Stearic Acid | Preservatives | Perfume | Orthophosphoric Acid | Di Sodium EDTA | Tinoguard TT Activator Powder : Ammonium Bicarbonate | Ammonium persulphate | Silica, Starch

Younger skin
Smoother skin
Extra glow and fairness

Sparkling fairer complexion

How to use
Wash face. Mix 2 Spatula of Bleach Creme with two pinches of Fruit Activator. The weight proportion is approximately 5(Creme):1(Activator). Mix Creme and Activator for 2 mins. Till powder completely dissolve in creme. Apply Mixture on desired area. Avoid eye brows and area around the eyes. Allow application to remain for 10-15 mins. Wash off with normal water. Don’t use soap. Patch test is advisable on arms before use.


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